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A Simple Solution for a Smart, Connected Home

Resideo is redefining how we live, at home

Updated on Oct 02, 2018

A smart home is a connected one. If you’ve ever tried to connect smart home products yourself, you know how complicated it can be – with instruction manuals, wiring, rewiring, finding your router password, troubleshooting, and the list goes on. It’s no wonder that 20 percent of daily service calls to professional installers are to homes where do-it-yourself installations failed. In the near future, Resideo will work through the professional channel so that the installers who service the systems of your home will be the connected home specialists you depend on to upgrade your home simply, and actually make it smart.

That’s where Resideo, which recently spun off from Honeywell to become a stand-alone, publicly traded company, can offer something truly different in the industry. We believe smart home installation should be simple – whether it’s DIY or installed by professionals who are specialists in upgrading your home.

We have long-standing relationships with more than 100,000 professional dealers and contractors who make it easier to live in a smart home that’s completely customized to suit your lifestyle. With a leading, professionally installed base in home security and comfort products, energy control devices, and the latest software to connect and control it all, Resideo gives customers an end-to-end solution for upgrading the home.

While we may be best known for our iconic thermostats, Resideo is a technology company for your whole home. We offer more than 3,000 products under the trusted Honeywell Home brand on the exterior, behind the wall, on the wall, and in the cloud. Our broad product portfolio is complemented by our ADI Global Distribution business, which is the number one global distributor of security and low-voltage products, including video surveillance, intrusion and access control, and fire and life safety products.

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  • On the exterior, access to monitoring, communication, automation, and video surveillance services allows professionals to create secure, connected homes by combining their knowledge and expertise with our experience and innovation in security solutions that protect the home.
  • Behind the wall, our controls and accessories keep the critical systems of a home running and alert homeowners and their contractors of potential issues. With visibility into heating, ventilation, and air conditioning data, professionals servicing the home are faster, more proactive, and better equipped to head off problems.
  • On the wall, our products help keep homes safe and comfortable and give homeowners control over their comfort and security preferences. We’re committed to offering a best-in-class portfolio of home comfort and security solutions that our growing base of independent residential contractors can use to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers.
  • In the cloud, our mobile apps help homeowners stay in control on the go, and boast advanced geofencing features for a truly smart and connected experience. We work with the leading home automation partners to integrate with the most widely used home automation systems, including Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings and Google Home, so consumers have the flexibility to customize their smart home experience. With 4.7 million connected customers, we have unique expertise to develop the platforms that are key to growth in this connected era.

While the DIY and e-commerce markets for these solutions continue to grow, the vast majority of our products are installed professionally through residential contractors, security dealers, and original equipment manufacturers. In fact, 95% of what we sell goes through the pro channel – enabled by our ADI Global Distribution business.

As the partner of choice for more than 100,000 professional installers, ADI executes 17,000 transactions per day across 200-plus stocking locations and sales branches within 17 countries, and through a robust export business to another 100-plus countries. Contractors rely on ADI to get everything they need for the job, providing a direct lens into the industry for the pro channel, and allowing us to give professional contractors the tools they need to simplify smart home installation and provide ongoing support.

At Resideo, we’re passionate about bringing homes into the connected era – making them safer, more secure, and more energy efficient. It’s why we invest in our long-standing relationships with professional dealers and contractors.

Creating a truly smart home just got easier. In a word, simplified.

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